HIV Treatment

People all over the world die every year because of their health problems; many of them do not suffer from complicated illnesses, but because they do not go to a doctor they do not find out about their illness in time. Some of them or better said almost all of them could have been cured, if they had discovered their illness at its early stages. There are many diseases such as cancer that can be healed when they are discovered at their early stages of development.

It is also true that medicine cannot do miracles and some illnesses cannot be healed in their advanced stages. There are also diseases that cannot be healed at all, even if they were to be discovered from the beginning of their development stages, when the patient might have just caught the virus or who might experience the early signs of such diseases. One such virus is HIV which can be caught, but in the case of which the incubation period can be pretty long before the tests can actually show that a person has been infected with it. When no such tests are being made, the early symptoms cannot be easily noticed or they appear long after the virus has been caught. But, in all cases no matter when HIV might be discovered, there are not many things that can be done because there is no cure for AIDS.

The only hope for the persons being infected with HIV is the fact that they can live with it for a pretty long period of time depending on their organism's resistance, on how it responds and fights against the virus. But when they develop the immune system disease AIDS, their life expectancy severely decreases. This is why it is important for them to follow the available HIV treatments which can prolong their life longer and help them to stay alive and fight the virus as much they can. The HIV treatment consists of taking pills. Some of the best pills that are known to be given to HIV patients are the anti-retroviral drugs which are expensive and unfortunately, not everyone being infected with HIV can afford buying them or has the chance of receiving them.

There are also many other types of drugs like HAART or entry inhibitors that can be used in this case. They all have the purpose of prolonging the patients' life and of decreasing the risk of them getting infected with other viruses. HAART have proved to confer a 32 years life expectancy, if they are administrated from the beginning i.e. from the moment when the HIV infection has been discovered. But, this number can vary depending on the type of patients suffering from this illness, on their organism, on how they respond to the treatment and on how high their capacity of fighting against the virus is and also on whether they have are discovered to have AIDS or not.

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