HIV Prevention

There is an old expression, that has always been true and that it will also be true in the future and expression refers to the fact that it is always better to prevent than to cure. This is extremely true, no matter if we might refer to a type of flu, to something bad that may happen to us and that we might have to prevent from taking place, to a bad fact, or especially if we refer to a serious illness or to a disease that has no cure or that can have serious and multiple complications which in the end may lead to our own death.

We live in a society of technology and science has done a lot of progress in the last few years and they have managed to develop a complex technology and treatments for a lot of illnesses that in the past used to kill a lot of people all over the world. Unfortunately, there are still problems that have not been solved yet ,even if doctors and specialists from all over the world have been trying to find the best solutions or even a cure, an efficient way of prevention in the case of such problems for several years. This is true in what concerns the HIV because a vaccine for reducing the number of 30 millions people who are infected with the HIV virus all over the world and for decreasing the number of people dying annually because of this disease has not been yet discovered. At the moment, the only cure that can be considered for this illness that has no mercy, is its prevention, because in lack of a treatment that can lead to a cure there is no other way in which we can possible survive than by preventing from getting infected with it.

The HIV prevention is something that must be taught in the society in which we live and any other society should not be ashamed to open the so-called taboo subjects because only with appropriate education and informative campaigns their society and the people living in it have a better chance of preserving their health. We can take a look at the main causes of such infections; becoming intimate with infected persons, getting in contact with infected hypodermic needles, making infected blood transfusions, drinking infected breast milk and the danger of infected women getting pregnant. We should also immediately figure out the way in which we can prevent from getting infected with the virus.

HIV prevention is possible with education.We should all know that we have to use condoms, we should all have easy access to them and we should all know how we can use them, how we can be taken care of in proper hospitals where there is a good control of needles and also of the blood that is used for transfusions. We should never use needles that have been used by another person, no matter who that person is. Women who want to become mothers have to make sure that they are healthy and that they have to stay that way during their pregnancy because they cannot play with the life of their unborn child who is an innocent human being who cannot be made responsible for their parents' mistakes.

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