HIV Helplines

I think that you might have heard about HIV a lot in the past few years, because people are always talking about it on TV, radio, internet, and in the written media and it is no wonder because it is a topic that concerns everybody. People are very wrong if they think that knowing information about HIV is important only in case of sick people because they should know about it in order to be able to avoid being infected. When somebody is already infected, it is too late, since at this moment there is no known cure for the illness. Still the sick people shouldn't think that they are sentenced to death because there is treatment for the illness, and it is also known that people might live for 10-15 years without having any problems even though they have been infected.

In order to educate people, HIV helplines have been set up. In the majority of the cases, there are some professionals who are able to provide every information that people need to know about this condition and they can answer the questions that the people might have. There are numerous people who would like to find out about the centers where they can get themselves tested and in most of the cases, the people working at the helplines can offer them information about these centers as well.

In other cases, people are interested in the accuracy of the tests. They should know that the standard test is quite accurate, but considerable amount of time should pass between the possible infection and the moment of testing for HIV. This is because, the standard tests measure the antibodies that the body produces to fight the infection and in some cases there might be 6 months until there will be enough antibodies for the test to be accurate. There is also another method of testing, that is the HIV DNA testing. This test gives accurate results after only a few days because it recognizes the virus itself, but it might be too sensitive so in case it comes back positive, there will be a series of standard tests made to make sure that there wasn't a mistake.

There might be numerous other questions. Of course, people could find out information from the internet as well, but some of them trust the workers of the helpline more and this is understandable because the internet might have articles that don't offer accurate information and they might be misleading. Still if you find official websites or organizations or authorities then you might be quite sure that the information that you find there is quite certain. In every country,there is at least one such helpline and in the case of the U. S, there is also one in every state and certain organizations and authorities also set up some lines to make it easier for the population to find trustworthy information and to call these lines is usually free so you don't have to pay anything.

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