HIV Facts

In our days it is a sad truth that HIV is very wide spread and so it is no wonder that the majority of people present a great interest in it, and not only the average people but the authorities and the researchers as well. There are numerous facts and things that should be known about this illness and this is why certain organizations create statistics to be able to show people the current situations.

One of the organs that make such statistics is the CDC and according to their estimations, there are over one million people, who have been infected with HIV in the U. S. Even more, according to the information presented by the CDC about one in five infected people don't even know that they have been infected with HIV.

Although the total number of infected people has been increasing in the last period in the United States, the annual number of new infections is relatively stable. Still the speed that new infections appear is too fast and according to the information that the CDC gave there are about 56,300 people who are infected every year in the U. S.

Although there is treatment available for this condition, because there is no actual cure there are about 18,000 people who die of AIDS in every year. The majority of people dying because of this condition are gay, bisexual men and other men who have sexual relationships with other men (also known as MSM). According to the information, in 2007 there have been 576,000 people, who died of this illness in the U. S, since the start of the epidemic.

As it has been mentioned before, gay, bisexual men and other men who have sexual relationships with other men (MSM) represent the most affected group by HIV/AIDS. About half of the people who have been infected with HIV belong to the MSM group and they also represent almost half of the people living with the illness.

According to the estimates of CDC, the MSM represent only about 4% of the male population of the U. S. aged 13 or over. The rate of the HIV infection among MSM in the country is about 44 times higher than in case of other men and 40 times higher than in the case of women.

The highest number of new infections has been recorded among white MSM, but the number of black MSM in the U. S. closely follows this.

This is the only known risk group in the country in case of which the number of new infections has been increasing since the beginning of 1990s.

Nevertheless, heterosexual people and drug users are also affected by this illness in large numbers. About 31% of the new infections happen through heterosexual contact and 28% of these people are living with HIV.

The group of women represents 27% of the new infections and they also represent 25% of the people living with the condition.

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