There have always been diseases that have affected a large number of people but in time the medical science, through its specialists has found numerous solutions to such problems, offering chances and solutions for curing some of these diseases.

Unfortunately, not all of them have had a solution or at least a cure for them has not yet discovered and they cannot be cured by anyone around the world but, fortunately, scientists and doctors all over the world are still trying to find a solution for this type of affections.

One of the most terrible diseases that have affected many people in time and which still does not have a cure or a vaccine is HIV or better said the HIV AIDS. Why the second name? Because HIV is the virus which is responsible for the development of AIDS and practically HIV is the virus that is transmitted that cause the actual disease, which is AIDS or better called the acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

The disease itself is responsible for the problems that the immune system starts to have and for which it starts to become weak, which makes it become unable to fight viruses, parasites, fungi, bacteria. These organisms attack and harm the body of the person who gets infected with HIV and this can lead to the final stage of development in this case, meaning that it leads to AIDS.

Various symptoms start being noticed in the case of this disease such as many types of infections and the most common ones are the pulmonary infections, the gastrointestinal infections, the neurological and psychiatric involvement, the tumors and different types of malignancy. Other types of infections can also happen that can lead to numerous unwanted effects: it can make the person lose weight easily, it can make the person blind or it can lead to the temperature of the body being too high or too low and it can also lead to anemia. There is a high number and a big variety of types of cells that are harmed in this process such as the ones, which can be found in the central nervous system and especially the neurons, as well as the endothelial cells but the worst of all are the CD4+ T- Helper cells, which are very important for the lymph.

There has not been yet found a cure for HIV or for AIDS itself and although there have been some development of some sorts of medical treatments meant to slow down the progression of this disease, this is just not enough. Over 33 million people live with this type of disease, and every year over 2 million people, 20% of which are children die because of their infection with HIV. So the main focus in the last few years has been that of searching for and finding more advanced treatments and why not even a cure for the HIV AIDS.

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